5 Ways to Use TikTok for Podcast Promotion

On the website we have covered a variety of ways you can promote podcast on tiktok , from leveraging the reputation of Pinterest to discovering all the possibilities of video podcasting by branching out onto YouTube, along with ways to make use of Instagram and the real OG, Facebook, to greatly help develop your podcast audience. But there’s one social media software we have yet to cover, that will be, perhaps, the existing leader of these all. Yes, that is correct, I am discussing TikTok! For people who have yet to obtain acquainted with the brand new member of the Cultural Press Club, TikTok is a video software where consumers develop short-form videos of up to one minute. TikTok also currently keeps the concept of fastest growing social media platform. But you don’t have to take my term for it! In August of this year, TikTok introduced comprehensive data for his or her consumer numbers for the very first time. By August 2020, within the US alone, there have been around 91 monthly TikTok consumers! Additionally, it features the figure of 50 million day-to-day US consumers! Therefore the reality and numbers absolutely make sure TikTok is a massive social platform. (I suggest, 50 million consumers in the US alone on a daily basis? That’s big!) Today, imagine if you can power actually the tiniest fraction of this in favor of your podcast?

Many top models and firms, from Suppose to Chipotle, have already registered and are employing all that TikTok needs to offer. And perhaps you have seen the videos of dance issues, good fresh fruit cutting practices (yip, it is a issue!), or you’re just there for anyone lovable animal videos, but you’re just unsure how TikTok may assist you to develop your podcast audience? But even though you have never registered or seen a single video, that article can however demonstrate helpful to you and your show. We have got some great ideas for using TikTok to market your podcast and to help you find the feet on the platform. You’ll soon discover a whole new world of podcast campaign opportunities, and you will have heaps of fun on the way!

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