Letters to Santa Within the Papers

Nothing is more wonderful than viewing the holidays through the eyes of a child. For pretty much 150 years, words to Santa have seemed in newspapers. Some are special, some are funny, and some tug at your heartstrings. We searched our archives to generally share just a couple of examples:

Daily Press: Newport Media, Virginia – 1932: “Expensive Santa Claus: I’m a young girl eight years old. Mother told me that I had been excellent, therefore please provide me a bicycle, set of footwear for the dolly. Please don’t forget the oranges, crazy, apples and candy. Don’t overlook my small relatives, Billy and Norman. Your little friend, Lauretta Crockett.”

Davenport Regular Republican: Davenport, Iowa – 1901: “My name is Lewis Sindt, and don’t overlook our house number; it is 1222 Gaines block part Thirteenth, for Irene’s page didn’t have it. And number date, dear Santa Claus, on it, both, then we will not get our presents. I want quite definitely to have a stay horse and a trolley to opt for it; then I may take Irene and our kittens out next summer. I would like to have a gun—but well, I am perhaps not big enough, then I’ll take a sled and skates, and a few crazy and candy, if it’s just the same to you. And when you have chocolate canes, Irene wants to have one, too—red and bright striped ones. Please do not forget Irene’s page, for she thought very sad when she studies it. We will hang up the phone in our stockings. Be sure and don’t forget our number now, and don’t your investment pony. I will take excellent care of it. Good-bye Santa. I’m 7 years old. Happy Christmas. Jimmy Hamilton Sindt. Do not forget mum and grandma.”  letter from santa

Tampa Time Instances: St. Petersburg, Florida – 1925: “My Beloved Mr. Santa Claus: I take the liberty of publishing you only at that seemingly early date to remind you that I have changed my handle from Boston Mass. to St. Petersburg, Texas, and should really be really upset, Mr. Claus if you by some mistake, possibly not of your, but if certainly one of your many personnel, took my presents to the previous address. I hope you won’t believe me greedy for I am informed you hate that in most small children when I ask you to leave in or rather about my stocking or stocking’s a whole supplement of the “Book of Knowledge,” and “in Melody With the Infinite.” My parents whom you have probably undergone in their youth have now been for the past 10 years connected with Harvard college, and Personally,

I think sure that they’d be charmed to possess you to produce your annual visit to us in St. Petersburg. I am likely to be twelve my next birthday, and while I have never mingled with different little kids my age, I am certain that I shall not experience the possible lack of any young friends if you accede to my request. Wanting you and Mrs. Claus to come in the best of wellness and you will enjoy your trip south. I remain, Horace Percy Greenapple.”

In 1992, a letter was slipped in a mail away from Clallam District Courthouse in Dock Angeles, Washington. The sad contents encouraged an eager seek out their writer, a child called Thad. Papers in the united states, like the Dallas Tribune, reprinted Thad’s letter. The young writer was never identified and donations, which poured in from the U.S. and Europe, were eventually made to the United Way. Thad’s page read:

“Dear Santa Clas, Please support my mom and dad that Christmas. Dad is not working anymore. We don’t get several foods now. My mom offers us the foodstuff she would eat. Please help my mother and dad. I do want to visit Helen also be with the angels. Would you provide me to Heaven? My mom and father would not need to buy points for me number more. That would make sure they are happy. Please provide my dad with employment and some food. I am now living in my house like last year. We got candles. A town man took the lights away. It seems like we stay here no more. We do. I will wait for you too can be found in my room. I will not sleep. Wen you provide my father work and some food also my mom I should go with you and the rain deer. Happy Christmas to you Mrs. Clas too the elves too. Thad.”

Fortuitously, most letters to Santa are full of child-like expectations and feelings of games and sweets. Additionally, they offer a historic photo of what was happening in America at the time. Many words from the 1930s included a request for a Shirley Forehead doll. In the 1950s kids needed a Slinky or Play-Doh, and G.I. Joe topped several provides in the 1960s.

Newspaper Gazette: Mattoon, Illinois – 1966: “Beloved Santa—I’m a young boy, five years of age, so my mom is publishing this for me. I’ve been a decent boy all of this year. I want to discover under the pine, a GI Joe place pill and place suit, a GI Joe crash team set, and a GI Joe flagman set. A green Beret doll. A Johhny Eagle Red River set. A Hands Down and Tip it sports A dining table and seat set for my room. Thanks for all your presents you remaining me last year. You will see biscuits and dairy underneath the pine for you! Your pal Robbie Metcalf, 808 S. 9th St.”

Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to discover a letter this 1 of your family members wrote to Santa inside our archives? To see more Letters to Santa from over the ages, research Newspapers.com today!

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