Oppo Features For the Oppo A15

If you’re a smartphone fan and you’re looking for the hottest new handset that will allow you to do it all with a single hand – get an Oppo A15. The Oppo A15 is a great choice for anyone looking for a smartphone that will do it all including business. Get one now and know why. Learn why the Oppo A15 Plus is the top smartphone of it all.

If you love photography, the OPPO A 15 has everything you’ll need to capture the life’s special moments in crystal clear detail. If you’re looking for a device that allows you to do more than just browse the internet on your phone – get the Oppo A15. The OPPO A 15 has the ability to expand into your small or large handbag so you can use it anywhere. With its large 4.2″ display, the OPPO A 15 is the perfect tool for taking pictures and videos of friends and family, as well as yourself. If you want to view your favorite scenes as soon as possible, you’ll be able to do that as well.

The OPPO A 15 features an advanced facial recognition technology called the i-technology facial recognition. With the help of the i-technology facial recognition, you won’t have to worry about accidentally unlocking your screen because you didn’t mean to. You can set the OPPO A 15 to automatically lock with a finger print sensor. No more fumbling around with a cell phone, the OPPO A 15 can recognize your fingerprint.

The Oppo A 15 has four hybrid capacitive screen sensors. The front and back cameras have pixels that are apart by just one layer oppo a15. This allows the two cameras to draw enough light from the LED battery to make them work at full capacity. The second camera on the Oppo A15 has an extremely large lens which enables you to take great shots even in bright conditions. The second camera also has a manual mode.

While some consumers may be hesitant with the idea of buying an ‘electric’ phone, the OPPO A series proves that electric doesn’t have to be boring. The Oppo A 15 has a large battery which gives you hours of real talk time before you need to recharge. The realme technologies allow you to charge your phone while you are still working or watching movies and the battery will last for up to seven hours between charges.

This is where the Oppo A series really scores above the rest, even the A model has a high end video feature. You can now shoot in 4K resolution. You can also edit your videos in 3 different modes, slowmo, normal and super slowmo. If you want you can also preview your videos in 3D on the front ai beautification. If you want you can turn off the front ai beautification and use the standard camera for the portrait mode.

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