Options that come with the Water Flosser.

Studies reveal that water flossers work. At least two independent studies published in international journals reveal that brushing alone isn’t effective against plaque and dental diseases. Also, while string floss is preferable to brushing, it has limitations that just a water flosser can make up for.

Just how do oral irrgators work?

Also called oral irrigators, water flossers are powered by pressurized water that happens of a jet tips. This tiny fountain of water is powerful enough to find yourself in interdental pocketsĀ water flosser which are too deep for manual brushes or string flosses to reach. That said, the effect is cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath.

Here would be the top features of an oral irrigator.

Jet tips
These are tiny tubes where pressurized liquid happens from. They are thin with an opening of only a few millimeters in diameter. They are constructed of glass, but they could easily be cleaned.

Speed control
It is simple to adjust the setting of the pressure through the speed control buttons. Some brands do not have this feature, rendering it difficult to control the water jetted from the tips.

This part is where liquid is stored. Some brands of water flossers have removable water tanks while others do not. If you’re purchasing a water flosser, opt for the one with a removable tank. This ensures ease of cleaning for a longer lasting instrument.

Most consumers put only water to the reservoir. But when you want a cleaner and fresher feeling, you can put in some mouthwash.

Some oral irrigators come with a kit, which is complete with additional features and parts such as sonic brushes, extra jet tips, and travel cases for better portability. While these add-ons can tempt consumers to buy a particular model of water flosser, it’s always wise to think before creating a purchase. Remember why these additional features only mean a pricier price, and you can find a number of them that you don’t really need.

When purchasing an oral irrigator, below are a few ideas to bear in mind.

First, ensure that the tank holds more than enough liquid. Some are too small to really finish one flossing session. Second, check to note that the tips may be easily removed. Plus, check to note that the buttons are easy-to-use. Third, check to see if the water flosser is compact and space saving.

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